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PP Multifilament Yarn Multifilament monocolor & tricolor yarn


- PP BCF monocolor yarn

- PP Friese monocolor yarn

- PP Heat-set monocolor yarn

- PP Twisted monocolor yarn


- PP BCF tricolor yarn

- PP Friese tricolor yarn

- PP Heat-set tricolor yarn

- PP Twisted tricolor yarn 


Difference between Tricolor and Monocolor is that monocolor consist of one colour and tricolor can consist 3 different colour.

The yarn, which is produced by dividing the number of filaments of the yarn into 3 equal parts and producing the divided filaments in 3 different colors, is called tricolor yarn. This tricolor yarn, consisting of 3 colors, that creates a melange effect on the carpet.


Raw material Polypropylene
Dtex (Decitex) 1000-4000 (According to demand)
Filaments 188-400 (According to demand)
Color According to demand
Production capacity 450 ton/month
Packaging stretched on palettes
Coil weight (kg) 2-5
Coil diameter (mm) 74
PP BCF Yarn Yarn qualities for Carpet Industry

Yarn Testing & Quality procedure

ADAS ensures quality checks at each level of production and delivery and carry out following quality checks in carpet yarn manufacturing:

1 Yarn count verification
2 Elongation / Tenacity properties
3 Anti-Static test
4 Shrinkage & Crimping properties
5 Colour matching
6 Loop & Cut Side checking
7 Lace (Interlacing nips) Count verification
8 TPI (Twist per inch) check
9 Twisted Yarn count verification


There are mainly three types of yarn qualities used in carpet industry:

  • PP BCF Yarn
  • PP BCF Straight Heat Set Yarn
  • PP BCF Frieze Heat Set Yarn

We offer PP BCF yarns in Monocolor and Tricolor in wide range of Decitex (1000-4000) & Filaments (144-180).

BCF yarn stands for Bulk Continuous Filament which is one long continuous strand of filament produced through specialized extrusion process used for manufacturing of carpet & rugs.

The BCF yarn made with polymer Polypropylene (PP) is called PP BCF Yarn.

PP fibers are similar to natural Wool and soft almost same as Nylon and has economical advantage over Wool and Nylon.


BCF A little twist should be given so that the filaments, which have gained the necessary volume and softness by texturing, can come to a full yarn form under normal conditions. In the BCF yarn production technique, these are yarns that are made by interlocking instead of twisting to be given, and by entangling a filament bundle at certain points, and in this way, a bulk yarn structure is obtained.
FRIESE These are the yarns that are formed as a result of the twisted yarn being compressed by the compression method without going into the fixation process, providing the necessary curling and then steaming it into a wavy state.
HEAT SET It is a yarn that is permanently shaped by applying heat with or without steam in order to fix the twist in fixed, high twist, multiply yarns, to add strength, to prevent static electricity and to ensure that the yarn can work comfortably.


  • carpets
  • rugs
  • mats
  • runners and stair carpet
  • prayer carpets
  • automotive mats
  • upholstery fibers for underlays
  • non-woven flooring carpet tiles

Advantage of Polypropylene(PP) BCF YARN

PP is a very light material as compared to other natural and polymers grade synthetic fibers. It has specific gravity of 0.90 compared to other fibres such as Viscose (Rayon) – 1.50, Polyester- 1.38, Cotton-1.54, Nylon-1.14, Wool-1.31, Acrylic- 1.17 and for Silk -1.33. Specific gravity of PP is less than the water ( 1.00) and its wide availability and cost economics makes it suitable for carpet & rug industry.

Viscose (Rayon) Polyester Cotton Nylon Wool Acrylic Silk
1.50 1.38 1.54 1.14 1.31 1.17 1.33

Apart from above, the other advantages of PP BCF yarn are:

  • Highly stain resistant
  • Durability
  • Colour Fastness as master batch is blended with polymer during extrusion
  • High Fraying / Shedding resistance
  • High water resistance
  • High infestation resistance
  • Easy to clean
Knitted Fabric

Single Jersey

Single jersey is the most popular of knitted fabrics. Weaving loops in single jersey is a single cross knitted weave. The single jersey fabric has a front and reverse sides, visually different from each other. So, the front side is formed by looped columns, and the reverse-needle arcs and broaches.

What can be sewn from single jersey:

  • T-shirts, short, skirts, pyjamas, shirts, open sundresses and dresses, tunics and short-sleeve shirts.
  • Men’s and women’s underwear.
  • Single jerseyis pleasant to the body and comfortable.
  • Due to the high breathability and hygiene of single jersey, sew clothes for sports and fitness, for sewing children’s clothing.

Combined knitted fabric (single jersey and pique)

Knitted fabric that includes in self characteristics of single jersey and pique. Provides high breathability at the same time stores the same size within time.

Characteristics of knitted fabrics:

  • Ne 30/1 (according to demand)
  • 100% cotton (according to demand)
  • Unpainted (huck) knitted fabric (according to demand)
  • Width: 1- 1.20 meter
  • Production capacity 150ton/month
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