ADAS Textile
About us SINCE 2008 Our products are distinguished by quality, good performance and esthetic characteristics.
Individual Enterprise “Polat dokma we sowda”, is one of the first private producers of knitted fabrics and multifilament yarn in Turkmenistan. Our company was founded in 2008, clients trust us and use our products.
ADAS GROUP LLC IE “Polat dokma we sowda” exports its products abroad, is us patented trademark “ADAS GROUP LLC” was founded in 2008 and is currently one of the largest exporters of textile products from Turkmenistan to the world. The wide range of high-quality terry products (terry cloth, bathrobes, towels of different sizes and types), also we make the severe and dyed knitted fabric, yarns, bed linen. The company is characterized by its strong creative flair and competence that guarantees innovative style in the fabrics produced. Having trade representations in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, ADAS GROUP LLC constantly watches change of the market that promotes continuous growth of sales. Production
Multifilament yarn production capacity
Production area: 4000m2
Production capacity: 450 tons per month
Knitted fabric production capacity
Production area: 3000m2
Production capacity: 150 ton per month
Our Vision The main priority of our company is to offer a diverse range of products, high quality, reasonable prices, flexible system of discounts individual approach to each client, which carries the opportunity for a long term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Acquired, modern knitting machines and improved production management technology. For the production of these fabrics are using 100% cotton thread and with the additional inclusions.
Why Us?
Strategic location Central Asia is a geographical region that has been of great importance in history and business since ancient times. Strategically located closed to Europe, Africa and Asia, Turkmenistan has quick Air and Sea connections with rest of the world. In Turkmenistan the labor and energy cost is cheap which gives us advantage on making the best quality with the reasonable prices for Europe and Asia. Sourcing advantage ADAS has build its local supply chain model by sourcing yarn extrusion grade polymers from state industries. This is benefitting the company in tremendously and keeping it ahead in:
  • Lesser lead time for Raw Materials.
  • Cost benefit being in Oil & Gas region.(4th place worldwide as most gas stored country).
  • Locational advantage allows higher flexibility with suppliers.
  • Boosting Supplier-Customer credibility.
  • Environment friendly - Low emission on transportation and handling.
  • Partner in country's economy.
The downstream industry of Oil & Gas sector in the Middle Asia has always been in forefront in economic growth. Taking this advantage ADAS has been closely associated with its various suppliers to develop high quality polymers suitable for yarn extrusion. ADAS has very special strategic relationship with various feed stock supplier from the State industries in the region. Technology & Capacity Technology: Adas is equipped with state of art BCF lines from Mennan Makine made in Turkey. The company keep on doing technological advancement with the latest machinery year by year. As ADAS is the first producer of Polypropylene BCF yarn in Turkmenistan , dealership of Mennan Makine in Turkmenistan owned by ADAS. ADAS also equipped with Knitted fabric line from SAVA made in Turkey. As ADAS is one of the producers of knitted fabric, dealership of Sava in Turkmenistan owned by ADAS. Capacity: Our production capacity of PP BCF yarn is 450ton/month and capacity for knitted fabric is 150ton/month, that makes ADAS capable to deliver the output within very short lead time. Team: With more than 14+ yarns of experience in BCF yarn extrusion coupled with latest technology, the Adas Team is always striving hard to incorporate new manufacturing practices in order to provide its customer most innovative yarn options for their carpet. Quality ADAS is committed to produce and supply best quality BCF yarn to carpet manufacturer around the globe. Taking advantage of vertical integration, ADAS have put stringent quality control checks at various level of production and supplies. It is equipped with state of art testing lab for its products. ADAS’s R&D section continuously strive to develop various type of polymer based carpet yarns. ADAS makes collaboration with many Polypropylene textile based companies to share and gain experience and make the best quality for customers. ADAS knows that Quality Matters.
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